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Digital transformation consulting

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Digital transformation…

… for what reason?

  • The emergence of new technologies has permanently changed the way consumers shop and work
  • Digitalisation is becoming a key issue for companies wishing to remain successful in a constantly changing market
  • Proceeding with the digital transformation of your company allows you to redefine your internal organisation and processes by harmoniously implementing new technologies and working methods

… for what result?

  • Long-term cost reduction
  • Production and efficiency gains
  • Easing of daily workloads
  • Customer retention

… by what means?

  • Knowing how to proceed with the digital transformation of one’s company is no easy task (where to start, what are the objectives to be achieved, which activities should be supported digitally, etc.)
  • When faced with the challenges of digital transformation, calling on a partner specialising in digital strategy makes all the difference
  • MCA Seed Academy supports you in your approach to a successful digital transformation

The ideal partner

Evolving in the digital field since 1996, MCA Concept is an expert in digital management solutions. Years of experience in setting up computerised processes give the MCA Concept team a thorough knowledge of the organisation of information flows and the new technologies on the market.

MCA Concept has specifically created MCA Seed Academy to guide companies in their digital transformation.

If you wish , you can take advantage of an accompanied visit to one of MCA Concept’s many clients in order to judge their skills and measure customer satisfaction.

Being well prepared

It is important to be fully aware of the cost involved in digital transformation, not only economically but also mentally. This process disrupts the internal structure of the company as well as the working habits, it is necessary to learn to master new tools and to collaborate differently with the various sectors of the company. All this can be confusing for your staff who are not used to change.

However, while ensuring the competitiveness of your company, digital transformation also aims to offer more comfort to its various stakeholders. After a period of adjustment, they will benefit greatly from the changes brought forth.

Digital transformation for all

Having evolved over the years, digital tools are now essential to the proper functioning of companies. From SMEs to multinationals, all are concerned by digital transformation.

Of course, the question of resources and knowledge required for this process can be a hindrance for small companies, but the digital strategy and the resulting solutions are perfectly adaptable to the specific needs and limitations of each company. The evolution can be done gradually, for a smooth transition.

Our solutions

Training courses

From 3 hours of training to understand the challenges of digitalisation for a company.

Themes covered:

  • Management software (ERP, CRM, CMS)
  • Dematerialisation solutions (cloud, software, collaborative work platforms, etc.) and process optimisation.
  • Emailing with Mailchimp
  • Website and the online shop
  • Social networks

The objective of these training courses is to provide a full range of digitisation solutions in order to help you make your choice.


A digital audit to uncover flaws, organisational problems or unsuitable tools in your internal organisation.

  • Definition of expectations, resources and constraints
  • Detailed analysis of the areas you wish to change
  • Orientation towards digital tools (tablets, smartphones, etc.) or dematerialised solutions (software, cloud, collaborative work platforms, etc.)
  • Development and implementation of a strategy to improve day-to-day business by also integrating future changes in your company (new markets, new products, etc.)

This audit aims to establish, implement and manage a digital strategy according to your company’s objectives and the solutions available to you.

For even more information …

A new age

Digital transformation or digitisation of a business has often been built up “day by day” by gradually combining new technologies or new IT tools.

In recent years, the explosion of new technologies has lastingly changed not only the way you work but also your customers’ purchasing habits.

This development has consequences for enterprises which may no longer be in line with the market and their internal organisation.

They are also forced to integrate new tools to meet economic and federal requirements. In the past, e-mail replaced the fax as a means of communication, today it is, for example, the e-invoice which replaces the paper invoice as a means of invoicing, or the QR invoice which replaces payment slips. Over time, digital tools are gaining an increasingly important place within companies to become indispensable. Consequently, there is a real need for companies to proceed with digital transformation.

Digital transformation brings many benefits to companies, including cost reduction, increased productivity and efficiency, reduced daily workloads and customer loyalty.

Digital transformation is a key process for your business to remain successful in an constantly changing market. Directors are at a crucial crossroads that will determine the future years of their right choice to establish new internal work processes, digitalisation that improves and offers comfort to employees.

Anticipation allows you a transformation that is not imposed but chosen with a coherent, defined and planned strategy.

Successful digital transformation

The digital transformation can give rise to many questions and worries :

  • Where to start ?
  • What are the objectives to be achieved ?
  • What’s useful for my business ?
  • What tools should be used ?
  • Which activities should be digitally supported?
  • What impact will this have on the organisation of my business and working methods?

It is not easy to know how to proceed with digital transformation, MCA SEED is the ideal partner to accompany you in this process.

Our solutions

MCA SEED was created by MCA Concept, a software publisher, out of the realization that very often bad choices are made in the digitalization of enterprises. Years of experience in the implementation of computerised processes have led MCA Concept to the conclusion that companies would benefit from support in their digital transformation in order to avoid errors, for example the choice of an unsuitable tool.

MCA SEED guides you through your digital transformation and proposes personalised, sustainable and efficient solutions for a successful digitisation.

No longer reserved for large structures, these solutions can be adapted to all kinds of organisations: from small SMEs to international SMEs, government bodies, foundations and associations.

Digital transformation is often perceived as a constraint or it can generate fear. However, it must be understood in the spirit of the times, and the objectives to be achieved for your business and your employees as an opportunity for development.

The digital transformation is also leading to reflections on solutions for crisis management, such as the possible organisation of home working, a necessary step during the last health crisis resulting from the coronavirus.

MCA SEED offers from 3 hours of training to understand digitalisation challenges for an enterprise. During this training course, you will learn about different management software, such as :

  • ERP, software that allows you to manage all of a business’s financial flows by integrating a grouping of specific functions.
  • CRM, a set of technical tools for capturing, processing and analysing information from customers, suppliers and employees.
  • CMS, a group of software products destined for the design and dynamic updating of documents such as standard letters, contracts, forms and dashboards.

As well as dematerialisation solutions (cloud, software, collaborative work platforms, etc.) and process optimisation.

The objective of this training is to provide a full range of digitisation solutions in order to help you make your choice.

MCA SEED also offers a digital audit to uncover flaws, organisational problems or unsuitable tools in your internal organisation.

We carry out a detailed analysis of the areas you want to change and guide you towards digital tools (tablets, smartphones, etc.) or dematerialised solutions (software, cloud, collaborative work platforms, etc.) that fill gaps or boost some of your internal processes.

Our consultants will work with you to create a real winning strategy to improve your day-to-day business by integrating future changes in your company (new markets, new products, etc.).

Our consultants will bring you :

  • their experience in business management and organisational environments,
  • their acute knowledge of the business environment and new managerial trends,
  • their digital culture and knowledge of new marketing tools,
  • their competence in terms of managerial strategy,
  • an external vision that guarantees impartiality and efficiency

Yes Increasing turnover with lower management and resource costs is at the heart of the digital transformation strategy, but it must not forget the comfort of all your employees.

Automation of certain tasks and the transversal vision of this digital revolution promote dynamics, synergy and real teamwork while simplifying processes.