Follow the evolution of your company

Over the years, your company has evolved

It probably does not have the same needs or requirements today as it did 5 years ago.

After several years, a re-evaluation of your structure allows you to discover how to update it in order to optimise your information flow and thus gain more time in carrying out your tasks.

Through audits and personalised training, we work with you to analyse your structure at every level and to reorganise it according to the new needs arising from your development.

When was the last time you analysed your structure ?

Do you now have to manage more projects and therefore find a new way of handling your data ?

Have you recently evaluated your IT assets?

Do you need to upgrade your IT infrastructure to meet your company's current power and security needs ?

Have you recently assessed the skills of your employees ?

Do you need to put in place new procedures to effectively pass on instructions following a sudden expansion of your team ?

Support for your digital transformation


The purpose of the digital transformation audit is to identify the dysfunctions and points of improvement in a company.

It involves a diagnosis of the existing processes, the internal organisation and the physical and digital infrastructure. It also aims to propose innovative digital solutions according to the issues and objectives to be achieved.

We carry out audits in one or more of the areas presented on this page, such as the organisation of your structure or your staff development strategy.

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We also offer training courses for anyone wishing to take their first step towards digital technology.

Various topics will allow you to acquire new knowledge and develop your skills.