Digital transformation audit

For what reason?

  • Undertaking the digital transformation of your company by yourself can lead to a flawed structure and inappropriate solution choices
  • Reconsidering work habits while learning about the many digital solutions available is a difficult task
  • An external audit ensures a successful digital transformation by offering new ways of looking at its internal organisation and working methods as well as a current knowledge of digital solutions

For what result?

This audit will lead you to a successful digital transformation by :

  • the definition of a new internal strategy
  • the choice of appropriate solutions
  • gentle guidance in the implementation of new processes and tools

With what action plan?

  • Definition of expectations, resources and constraints
  • Detailed analysis of the areas you wish to change
  • Orientation towards digital tools (tablets, smartphones, etc.) or dematerialised solutions (software, cloud, collaborative work platforms, etc.)
  • Development and implementation of a strategy to improve day-to-day business by also integrating future changes in your company (new markets, new products, etc.)
Illustration "innovation" of the MCA Seed audit page

In 1800, Alessandro Volta invented the electric battery, one of the first instruments ever made capable of producing regular electric current. Although it was positively received for its entertaining aspect and its theoretical contribution to natural philosophy, the scientific world of the time saw no need for this invention. And yet, this voltaic battery would be the precursor of all electrical inventions. Many individuals would later demonstrate the use that could be made of electricity and the benefits it brought.

The electrical appliances we use daily today would not exist without Volta’s innovation. Nowadays, a life without electricity, which is omnipresent in our lives, is unthinkable. Volta’s discovery therefore opened the way for the scientific community and initiated the creation of all kinds of innovations over time that have contributed greatly to society.

Two centuries later, in 2008, Elon Musk and the Tesla team presented the Telsa Roadster, an electric sports car. The Tesla group’s objective was to develop a car that would outperform the gasoline car, a successful gamble that established them as the pioneers of electric vehicles. Thanks to their invention, the electric motor became a real option for car manufacturers who until then had only used the combustion engine. Thus, the intervention of Elon Musk and Tesla enabled car manufacturers to innovate in the prodcution of their cars.

What these two examples highlight is that innovations and their usefulness are often generated and promoted from the outside. The scientific world of the 19th century did not see the usefulness of electricity until individuals demonstrated that it could bring many benefits to society. Car manufacturers had never really considered the electric motor as a viable engine choice until Elon Musk introduced his Tesla Roadster.

This also applies to business management. The world is changing. Technologies are developing more and more, changing customer purchasing habits and ways of working. In a market where digitalisation is continually gaining importance, change is inevitable. But, when we are used to working in a certain way with certain tools, it can be difficult to envisage another way of operating. And, even if we decide to carry out a digital transformation, we may not necessarily be aware of all the options available to us and of which ones would be the most useful to us.

Here is the advantage of an external audit: a new way of looking at your internal organisation and working methods by providing knowledge of all the various digital options available to you.

MCA Seed Academyoffers a digital audit for any company, whatever its size or sector of activity, with the aim of making the digital transformation a winning project.

By analysing in depth :
– the existing digital tools, their functions, their usefulness,
– internal processes,
– the way in which data circulates within the company,
– the visibility of the data,
– manufacturing processes or the provision of services,

MCA Seed will define a new internal organisation strategy and guide you towards the appropriate technological tools and the implementation of new work processes.

Illustration "digital transformation" of the MCA Seed audit page
Our audit will take place at two very different levels: a careful and very detailed analysis coupled with a global vision integrating your strategic objectives. It will conclude with the choice, if necessary, of new digital tools, or even the implementation of a new cross-departmental cross-functional way of working.

The digital transformation is above all a team effort leading to a work team.

To summarise, the digital audit can be briefly described in three areas of intervention:

  • Analysis of the manufacturing processes of goods or services. MCA Seed’s consultants will look for possible inadequacies, duplications or anomalies induced by the computer tools and software used. Often, during the life of a company, there is an accumulation of processes, techniques, technologies, materials, leading to slow execution. Without going too far, it may be time to change your old printer, scanner and fax machine to finance the purchase of a multifunction printer, for example. Or maybe it’s time to completely dematerialise this sector and dispense with paper printing!

    Did you know that there are now cross-functional digital tools that allow you to remotely and finely control manufacturing and distribution chains to meet demand as closely as possible and avoid stock?

  • Analysis of the execution of tasks and internal exchanges. An IT infrastructure that has been built up little by little often presents anomalies or automation defects. Every day, your employees spend their time performing a number of operations that could either be optimised or scrapped. These repetitive and superfluous operations cost a lot of time, and therefore money, throughout the year. Digital solutions can make the work of your employees more fluid.

    The global approach of this digital audit will lead to new internal processes. A different organisation may emerge in your company, combining efficiency, agility and working comfort. Indeed, the strength of digital tools lies in their ability to simplify tasks but also to generate a highly motivating cross-functional vision for employees.

    The differentiation between services, e.g. marketing and production, is not relevant today. The digital revolution is completely changing the ways of working by offering interdepartmental synergy and transparency that integrates all employees in the success of the company.

  • Analysis of external exchanges, including the marketing and visibility aspect. These may be the areas that have evolved the most since the digital revolution. Marketing techniques, in particular, are changing at high speed. Today, the customer experience has become an essential aspect of business.

    Purchasing habits have totally changed since the arrival of the internet, smartphones and other tablets. Your company’s visibility on Google is closely linked to the commercial success of your products and services, for example.

    You have certainly already accumulated a lot of data on your customers, but perhaps you don’t have the tools to use it effectively Nowadays, thanks to CRM (customer relationship management) software, you can follow the journey of your customers in real time and take advantage of this to attract prospects.

Once the digital audit has been carried out, we will of course offer you new digital tools, either software (software, cloud solutions, dematerialised work platforms, etc.) or hardware (NAS, server, tablets, etc.), as well as a precise agenda and a price, the outlines of which we will have set at the beginning of the audit.

We will of course include new work and decision-making processes in our recommendations, if this is indispensable. And we will support you in a smooth implementation.

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