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Digital transformation

For what reason?

New technologies have permanently changed purchasing habits and working methods.

Digitalisation is becoming an unavoidable issue for companies wishing to remain successful in a constantly changing market.

By what means?

Knowing how to proceed with the digital transformation of your company is not an easy task.

Faced with many challenges, MCA Seed Academy supports you in your approach for a winning digital transformation.

For what result?

  • Long-term cost reduction
  • Production and efficiency gains
  • Easing of daily workloads
  • Customer retention
  • Sectors

    Digital transformation can affect various sectors of the company.

    MCA Seed Academy offers customised audits and training courses to analyse and optimise the core aspects of your structure.

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    Organisation, strategies and resource management

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    Project management

    Processes related to quotes, orders, invoices

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    Administrative and financial flows and processes

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    Communication - Canvassing

    Documentation and marketing

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    Planning and organisation

    Internal communication, resources, deadlines

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    In-house training

    Staff development, instructions

    Skills and tools

    Sometimes companies have powerful tools but do not have the necessary digital knowledge to take advantage of their full potential, or conversely they are well informed about digital but do not have the right tools to put this knowledge into practice.

    However, for a successful digital transformation, knowledge and tools go hand in hand.

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    Analysis of existing processes and physical and digital infrastructure

    A digital transformation audit aims to establish a diagnosis of your company by analysing the existing structure and identifying potential failures.

    Definition of issues and objectives

    If change is needed, a sound strategy is defined. What are you trying to achieve ? What are the issues to be addressed ?

    Proposal for digital solutions

    Innovative solutions are selected and implemented to optimise your company’s performance.

    More information ?

    About the audit or training courses

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