The digital revolution has permanently changed our daily lives.
The Internet, IT tools, big data and artificial intelligence are now used daily by billions of people. The business world is not left behind, quite the contrary, and digitalisation has become the spearhead of winning business strategies.

Digital tools can boost turnover and makeall company activities more fluid. Moreover, thanks to dematerialisation, they facilitate crisis management. Companies with powerful digital solutions have been able to adapt seamlessly to teleworking, which is a necessary step when employees are confined.

But it is not easy, especially for VSEs and SMEs, to optimally consider all the digital tools that are sometimes not very ergonomic. It is often difficult to choose the right tool for the right sector: production processes, marketing, customer relations, website and social networks, HR management, etc.

Managing all this software can be time-consuming and, paradoxically, increase the day-to-day management problems for you and your staff.

In view of this, MCA Seed Academy offers :
to help you optimise all your digital tools after an in-depth audit of your internal processes,
to accompany you in the digitalisation of your company by having a global view of your needs, your desires, your assets, the realities of your sector of activity, your customers,
software solutions according to your means, your needs, your short and long term strategic choices,
guide you towards efficient tools that you would not have thought of or that you would not know about: big data management, shared work platform, customer path analysis, etc.

Digital transformation: adapting the tools to your needs

Digitalisation has become an essential part of any successful business, not only to stay ahead of the competition but also to meet new customer needs.
Whatever your sector of activity, digital tools are now part of your daily life. You probably have a website, use office software, accounting software or customer relations software. Your sales staff use smartphones or tablets and manufacturing processes or exchanges with suppliers are automated.

However, if you have chosen software as your company has grown, it may be that :
– some are outdated or obsolete,
– Many digital tools incorporate redundant functions,
– Some “all-in-one” solutions offer features you don’t need,
– these tools are no longer adapted to your needs or new needs imply the arrival of new tools.

In all these cases, using irrelevant or cumbersome software solutions wastes time and money.
Companies often need cross-functional software such as ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) or CRM (Customer Relationship Management). The advantage of these tools is that they offer complete solutions to suit all sectors of activity. But this amounts to paying for unnecessary services. In addition, it is often necessary to finance training to manage these “gas plants”.

The professionals at MCA Seed Academy know all the available digital solutions inside out. They will be able to direct you towards solutions that are more adapted to your needs, or even customised software that has the advantage of being developed exclusively according to your requirements.
Gone are the days when companies had to adapt to software, second generation digitalisation means finding solutions that will adapt to companies.

Don’t waste your time, don’t waste your money.

If you are starting a business, MCA Seed Academy experts will help you to choose your future IT tools.
With the plethora of existing software, it is not easy for a novice, or even an experienced user, to make a choice.
In addition, some digital tools can provide services you may not have heard of.
One example among others: for marketing, a good CRM collects precise information on the customer journey and automates mailings which, although automatic, are nonetheless personalised.

Interactions with customers, suppliers and prospects generate an influx of data that leads to valuable information.
This information from Big Data facilitates the management of the company by showing how customers find your products, what works, which references are preferred or need improvement, and which new markets need to be conquered.
At the same time you will have a good overview and a lot of extremely precise information.

Rethinking management

Finally, the arrival of these valuable digital tools increases the comfort of your employees. No more tedious and repetitive tasks, automation software is there to combine productivity and ease of use.
Most digital solutions generate a transversality that is unusual in our companies.
Collecting all the data from the production line to the sales force, from the accounting department to marketing, implies a new synergy. All of the company’s strengths are finally united in one goal: success.
No more boundaries between departments or hyper-pyramidal organisations, your employees from all walks of life will be truly involved in the running of the company and will form a real team. It is wrong to believe that digitalisation leaves the way open to dehumanised processes, let us prove to you that it is precisely the opposite.

In short, 20 years ago, developing a website was not something that entrepreneurs thought about. Digitalisation is now omnipresent and having specialists in this world, which may seem hostile and nebulous, on your side is a winning asset.
Trust the experts of MCA Seed Academy who will be able, in a short time, to accompany you in the choice of efficient software tools corresponding to your needs.