Digital transformation

Digital transformation is a must for any company that wants to remain competitive.
However, it is not always easy to find one’s way through the plethora of new technologies, or to know where to start.
Similarly, modernising IT tools, dematerialising all or part of the manufacturing, sales, customer relations and marketing processes, and embarking on the analysis of big data, is no easy task. On the contrary, the accumulation of complex software and the arrival of new practices can destabilise your staff and even the very organisation of your work.

That’s why MCA Seed Academy offers professional guidance to ensure that the digital transformation of your company goes smoothly.

Our professionals combine knowledge of the business world and new technologies.
They will be effective partners in :
– Identify concerns, shortcomings and possible improvements to the internal work processes of all your departments,
demystify a digitisation process that can be frightening,
Updating duplication in the software used, which often incorporates the same tasks,
– accompany you in a real strategy of application of effective digital solutions according to your needs,
– introduce you to modern business methods such as inbound marketing,
– to ensure that this evolution is not suffered as an obligatory passage but rather a successful transformation.

What is digital transformation? What can it do for you?

The digital revolution that began at the turn of the century has changed and continues to change our lives profoundly. At present, for example, before any purchase, consumers do a quick search on Google with their smartphone. A gesture that is becoming trivial whereas it was unthinkable just a few years ago.
Companies, whether forced or voluntary, have taken on these new digital tools more or less well. However, the ever-increasing evolution of software, as well as of the ways of consuming and working, is not easy to follow. It is therefore normal that business leaders who are always eager to remain competitive want a winning digital transformation. But it is sometimes difficult to keep up with the latest developments.
MCA Seed Academy offers its services to optimise this evolution because you have everything to gain from a successful digital transformation.


Initiated since the appearance of the first computers, dematerialisation provides incomparable savings in time and resources. A catalogue of several hundred pages can now be sent to customers at the click of a button via the Internet.
If we often think of the dematerialisation of services (office automation, accounting, marketing, etc.), it also affects manufacturing processes through adapted and efficient digital technology.

New digital solutions

We keep abreast of the latest developments. At the end of the audit, we can see if there are digital solutions to replace the old ones in order to improve and streamline work, customer relations, marketing, etc. An e-shop can be a real plus at a time when internet shopping is exploding.
You may also have accumulated software with duplicate functionalities, which in fact slow down the productivity of your employees, our expertise will bring up such concerns.
Replacing them with appropriate digital solutions will improve both productivity and working comfort.

New working methods

Indeed, digital transformation should not only save time by optimising software, but also enable new ways of working to be established.
One of the goals is to make your employees’ lives easier by having an ergonomic view of each position.
From now on, by combining cloud computing and smartphones, your sales representatives can issue a quote directly from the customer’s premises. These “little extras” not only save time but also give your company a modern image.
When running a business, it is difficult to keep up with the latest powerful digital tools. Thanks to our technological monitoring, we will be able to find solutions adapted to your needs.

A new way of thinking about your business

In addition to the working comfort of your employees, the implementation of digital solutions introduces a new way of working, even of thinking about your company. The transversality induced by the new technologies attenuates the pyramidal vision of the company’s structure. Everyone, whatever their position, brings a recognised plus to the company’s dynamics, a synergy is created. Digital transformation involves everyone in a real team effort.

Keeping up with the times

The digital revolution has not finished transforming the business environment. Until recently, a small SME could not have thought of having access to artificial intelligence, optimal data management (the famous Big Data), fine analysis of the customer path, easier implementation of targeted marketing, etc. The democratisation of software now makes it possible to find solutions that were previously reserved for large groups.
Moreover, at a time when everyone does a Google search before making a purchase, being present and active in the face of larger competitors is no longer an impossible task for small organisations.

Increasing responsiveness

Software solutions can improve all workstations. But only if the right choice is made. The digitalisation of manufacturing processes facilitates production control. The link can be easily made between the physical production of your products and the digital data (purchases, requests, customer wishes, etc.). You will be more responsive to market changes.
This will facilitate the management of supply and demand and avoid stagnation of stocks.
This digital transformation also involves the possibility of remote control of manufacturing.
For marketing, rather than launching costly campaigns on traditional media, the analysis of your customer files facilitates the implementation of inbound marketing: to ensure that the customer comes to find your offer by himself, the one that best suits him.

Avoiding crises

In addition to smoothing out possible changes in your market, digital transformation mitigates possible crises. Thanks to their flexibility, digital tools adapt to your needs.
The most striking example is the crisis caused by the coronavirus. Some companies have been quick to respond by offering efficient teleworking to employees during confinement, using digital solutions that combine flexibility and efficiency.
Similarly, these digital solutions are flexible and can quickly integrate new markets, the development of innovative products or services. Or even initiate them.

Optimise your company’s history

For years, you have accumulated a huge amount of information: customer database, evolution of demands, choice of suppliers, etc.
As mentioned above, the analysis of this often overlooked data is an inexhaustible source of information. Properly analysed, they will provide you with a solid basis for future improvements and projects.
You also now have a website, and big data processing software, available to all, will enrich your knowledge of the market and, above all, of the customer journey. You can learn more about the famous “customer experience” at the heart of all new marketing strategies.
All this data is a real mine of information that will help you to better manage your company and increase your turnover with few resources.

MCA Seed Academy, after a thorough audit of all the components of your company, will support you in this digital transformation. And instead of enduring it as an inevitable passage, you will see that this new way of living the company will only bring you positive results.