Digital transformation

Whether your company has had to adapt to the digital revolution or its work processes need dusting off, a digital audit is the key to success in your digital transformation.
In just a few years, with the arrival of the Internet and new technologies, our lives have changed profoundly, with a lasting impact on the way we work.

Forced or successful, companies have negotiated the digital shift often without support. This profound transformation has required the purchase of new digital tools which, often and in all sectors of activity, are little or no longer adapted to the company’s internal processes.

Over the years, companies have been forced to change their way of doing things and integrate software or machines as they go along, without any overall vision.

Some time later, problems appear. The machines have become obsolete, the software is too complicated in its daily use, and its use is incomplete.

For example, the immense possibilities offered by artificial intelligence combined with data analysis, the so-called Big Data, can now be integrated for a small fee. Data from visits to your website and interactions with prospective buyers on social networks can be analysed in record time. Customer experience is now at the heart of digital marketing, but its exploitation is not easy, at least for the untrained eye.

MCA Seed Academy offers to share its knowledge of the business world and new technologies in order to carry out an audit that will enable your company’s digital transformation to succeed.

We work with both established and emerging companies. The main objective of a digital transformation is to make all internal actions more fluid, to facilitate the work of all employees, to make maximum use of all data from all departments, and to create an agile and transversal approach within the company’s culture.

All this with two main objectives:
– the implementation of solutions that integrate productivity and work comfort,
– increase in turnover.

Not so long ago companies did not even see the point of having a website. Today, thanks to new technologies, social networks, powerful software and connected objects, fine management perspectives are opening up for even the most modest companies.

Yes, even a VSE, a small SME or an association can have access to tools integrating artificial intelligence and data analysis. In all areas of business, from office automation to accounting, from the production line to marketing, new technologies have permanently changed the game. Digital transformation leads to new behaviours both internally and externally.

And the stakes are high. The digital revolution and the introduction of new technologies are opening up new opportunities for the entrepreneurial world. Companies that have successfully completed their digital transformation have seen a direct impact on their turnover.

However, it is not easy to manage its digital transformation in an optimal way. An entrepreneur often has his or her nose to the grindstone and needs a professional outside eye to help.

This is where the professionalism of MCA’s experts comes into play.

We are at the same time specialists in new technologies, whether they concern software or digital tools, but also knowledgeable about the business world. In addition, we keep abreast of new management techniques and new purchasing practices brought about by the digital world.

Our analysis will therefore be very detailed. For example, we will be able to detect those small anomalies due to repetitive actions, duplications, obsolete processes.

In this case we enter fully into an ergonomic analysis of all tasks and processes in your company, and also of digital tools.

Imagine that to achieve a result as simple as printing a quote, your employee has to perform 4 or 5 actions. When you put it like that, it doesn’t sound very important. But if we find the digital tool or software solution that will automate the task, one action and one action only will be necessary from now on. Imagine the time saved over a day, a month, a year. Multiply this by all the “superfluous” and unproductive actions and you will have an idea of the time and money saved by optimised digitalisation.

As you can see, a successful digital revolution means saving time and therefore money.
This example may seem trivial, but it brings home the importance of fine-tuning the management of all the new technologies included in your business. And of course this goes far beyond marketing, the production chain, the optimisation of internal processes, etc.

Cross-functional software such as ERP (management of all processes) or CRM (customer journey and marketing management) will enable you to develop an extremely precise management of your company.

However, this transversality goes further by including all departments and employees in your corporate culture in a serene and efficient productive momentum.

The challenges of digital transformation go far beyond having a high-performance tablet or a multifunction printer, as you will have understood. A new synergy between the services will be created.

The aim of the digital audit is also to provide you with the solutions to manage new challenges. We are thinking here of positive challenges such as the emergence of new markets or the creation of new products or services.

But, as we saw recently during the health crisis, successful digital transformation also means being able to adapt to such moments of tension. Many companies have found it difficult to implement home-working. And they always have trouble recovering: their reaction time is weakened by tools or software that are not ergonomic and not designed to react quickly to crises. Many of them have lost market share and customers, unfortunately for a long time, to competitors who started their digital transformation long before.

That’s why we put our expertise at your service, because it’s not easy to find your way in a constantly changing digital world. It is also not easy to keep up with all the technological advances and new uses.

Our audit will help you find customised and effective solutions with tools that will work for you and not the other way around.

Finally, we assure you that the solutions we will give you can be applied as easily as possible, without changing everything from one day to the next, while respecting a financing within your reach.

This is one of the interesting aspects of the increasing number of digital offers: we will always find the right one for you. Or, why not, since this sector is also becoming more democratic, we will guide you towards the implementation of customised solutions, including software.

MCA Seed Academy is here to open the doors to a digital world that will bend to your needs and expectations.